Carrot ice cream with honey

Хроническое заболевание почек: Холестерин
Происхождение: Германия

Ингридиенты (10 Порции )

  • 400 ml carrot juice
  • 250 ml cream
  • 100 g sugar
  • 50 g honey
  • 2 tbsp. lemon juice

Калорийность (на порцию)

Количество калорий142 kcal
Жир8 g
Натрий29 mg
Углеводы17 g
Белки874 g
Фосфор29 mg
Калий121 mg
Жидкость56 ml

Порядок действий

Whip the cream with half of the sugar until it is nearly stiff.

Stir together the remaining sugar with the honey, carrot juice and lemon juice until it has dissolved.

Gradually fold the mixture into the cream. 

Freeze in an ice-cream maker, if you have one.

Alternatively, place the mixture in a sealed container in the freezer and stir at least once an hour for 5-7 hours to ensure that the mixture is smooth and has a consistent texture.

Garnish with orange slices or tinned mandarin oranges, and some basil or mint if you'd like. They will taste great together!

Рекомендации по организации питания

You can use any juice or liquid to make this kind of frozen treat. Just remember to check the nutritional information on the packaging, as the values can vary widely.