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Roccadaspide: a castle perched in the Cilento

Welcome to the land of myths, where ancient Greece marries a wild nature made of pristine coasts, inlets and ravines, underwater caves and hills scented with cedar and olive trees. Cilento reserves amazing surprises for fascinating visitors from all over the world as the mermaid Leucosia did with Ulysses. Most important are the enchanting villages that smell of the sea, the temples of Paestum, the ruins of Velia, the bay of Trentova and Punta Licosa with a succession of splendid scenic views belonging to a sanctuary of nature protected by UNESCO. With a mild climate all year round, Cilento is the ideal destination if you want a holiday that combines culture with leisure and relaxation.

The ideal starting point to visit the surrounding area is Roccadaspide, located on a granite hill, with its imposing castle dominating the valley below.

Our NephroCare dialysis center in Roccadaspide belongs to the Fresenius Medical Care group, a world leader in the field of dialysis patient care. Doctors and nurses in the center are constantly available to patients: the human relationship and the warmth of people remain a fundamental point, shared values, which NephroCare cannot, and do not want, to give up.

The NephroCare dialysis center of Roccadaspide, open from Monday to Saturday in two shifts, morning and afternoon, is located in an area easily accessible by own means and public transport.

Activities & Sights

Cilento of Magna Grecia

A few steps from Roccadaspide, the area of Paestum is one of the main archaeological sites in the world, recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. It preserves the remains of the ancient city, where the Doric times of Hera, Ceres and Poseidon stand out. Surrounded by a mighty city wall and twenty-eight towers placed to defend the four gates of access to the city, Roman constructions such as the Forum and the Amphitheater can be discovered. The National Archaeological Museum is also worth a visit to admire precious pieces such as the metopes of the temple of Hera Argiva, the statue of Zeus and the famous tomb of the Diver.

The Cilento of towers and fortifications

From the upper town of the Cilento National Park, Vallo Di Diano, visitors have beautiful views overlooking the sea up to the Agropoli standing out of the oceanfront. The crystal-clear waters of the Bay of Trentova and the natural port of the Vallone confirm it as an undisputed destination thanks to the protection of the environment and the efficiency of tourist services.

There are numerous monuments testifying to the glorious past of the city: From the Angevin Aragonese Castle to the Tower of San Marco and San Francesco, the Church of Our Lady of Constantinople or those of St. Peter and Paul.

The Archaeological Museum and the Civic Palace of Arts with large exhibition spaces dedicated to archeology, art and the history of the peoples overlooking the Mediterranean basin are also worth a visit. Perched on top of a hill once used as a defense against pirates, Castellabate is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Furthermore, the Belvedere of San Costabile will offer its visitors a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Salerno, Ischia and Capri while the underlying fishing village of Santa Maria di Castellabate is an ideal destination for a relaxing day at the beach.

The Cilento of the limpid and crystalline sea:

Roccadaspide proves to be the right choice also for those who want to enjoy the splendid coast and its crystal-clear sea. The maritime vocation of Paestum is reflected in the name chosen for the city: Poseidon, for the Greeks, was the god of the sea and the temple of Athena guided the sailors who approached the coast from the sea. Capaccio Paestum is a beautiful place at the sea with its sandy and wide beach, bordered by a pine forest overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Furthermore, the bay of Trentova, near Agropoli, and the beach of San Francesco are the perfect choice for those in search of relaxation and crystal-clear sea. Finally, Punta Licosa beach is one of the most beautiful sites on the entire Cilento coast and a paradise for naturalists, photographers and divers.

Cilento of Natural Parks and protected areas

The Cilento, Vallo di Diano National Park and the Foce Sele-Tanagro Reserve are unique treasures and ideal places for a regenerated journey in nature to be discovered near Roccadaspide. The park is characterized by the presence of an extraordinary wealth of vegetation and fauna and by the pristine coasts, rocky cliffs, waterways, mysterious caves. The reserve includes the naturalistic oasis of Persano and the numerous thermal springs as well as the archaeological sites.

Things to do:

As a combination of gastronomy and tradition, folklore and craftsmanship and a reference point for the food and wine panorama, the renowned "Chestnut Festival" takes place every autumn in the village of Roccadaspide, attracting thousands of visitors crowding the city streets and squares to taste delicious dishes made with chestnuts, typical Cilento products, homemade bread, pasta, meats and cheeses.

For lovers of outdoor sports, in Felitto, a few km from Roccadaspide, it is possible to visit the protected area of ​​the "Gole del Calore" from July to September for adventurous canoe trips to discover the wildest and most unspoiled nature.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a unique experience, the Caves of Castelcivita, one of the largest speleological complexes in southern Italy, offer an evocative scenario made of galleries, large spaces and bottlenecks dug by the millennial action of karst erosion. And finally, you should not miss Paestum in the moonlight. Illuminated by the light of the moon, visitors will be able to walk among the temples, finding their way with the help of flames of small lanterns.


Cilento covers a vast area, ranging from seaside to mountain villages: it is therefore possible to choose accommodation according to the season, travel plans and your needs. If the ideal stay is by the sea, you will find many hotels and tourist villages a few meters from the Paestum beach; on the other hand, if you prefer silence and relaxation, moving to the hills you can find small hotels, historic estates, farmhouses, B & Bs and apartments, a convenient starting point for trips to any location. And for nature enthusiasts and outdoor holidays, there are also numerous campsites.

Culinary & Culture

The cuisine of Cilento is strongly linked to the fishing tradition and paired with legumes, blue fish, dairy products and fresh seasonal vegetables.

Numerous food and wine tours are organized at the cellars to fully appreciate the local products and flavors. Menaica anchovies, cavatelli with ragù, freselle with yellow tomato, scauratielli, buffalo mozzarella "inda a mortedda" and the pizza chiena are just some of the tasty dishes of the cilentani. Do not miss the numerous food and wine festivals that are held in the summertime throughout the Cilento area.

Despite we know that all of these specialties would be very tempting, please do not forget to stick to your diet, having just small bites or sips of these succulent temptations.


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