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Battipaglia, in the heart of Cilento

Located a few kilometres from the Tyrrhenian coast and richly equipped with bathing establishments, sports areas and free beaches, Battipaglia, whose undisputed symbol is the ancient Castle, is the ideal starting point for planning a holiday in Cilento: numerous cycle paths , the prestigious golf course, easy connections with the renowned neighbouring towns of Cilento from Vallo to Marina di Camerata, up to the natural areas of "La Caverna dei Lepidoteri" and the Grotte dei Conglomerati. A lively and well-organized tourist town, it presents numerous cultural and architectural ideas of importance: from the Church of Santa Maria della Speranza, to the Chapel of Santa Lucia and San Giorgio, from the early medieval monastic complex of San Mattia to the Torre sul Tusciano in addition to the archaeological sites in Arenosola locality and the Roman Villa of Spineta. The centre is also characterized by the presence of typical trattorias, historic shops and ancient shops where you can taste genuine local products linked to the tradition of the territory. Finally, there are numerous festivals dedicated to good food and festivals aimed at promoting tourism in such a fertile and generous land.

Our NephroCare Renal Center in Battipaglia, opened 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday on two shifts starting at h. 07:00 and at h 14:00, is available to accept any travelling patient with the standardized care and treatment quality provided by our network of clinics.

Activities & Sights

"La Castelluccia", one of the twenty most beautiful castles in Italy

Il Castelluccio, better known as "Castelluccia" of Battipaglia, is a majestic medieval castle built to guard the hills of the Sele plain: symbol of the city, it preserves the original seventh-century walls and the ancient tower. The kitchens, the cellars in rough stone, the pantries and an oil mill overlook the internal courtyard, while a hidden cave connects it to the stables. The panorama that, from the huge windows, embraces the bay of Trentova, the Amalfi coast and the Piana del Sele is priceless.

Battipaglia and its beaches

Battipaglia, thanks to its proximity to the wonderful beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea, has always been recognized as a renowned tourist destination thanks to the efficient connections in the area: from the "Tenuta Spineta", an enchanting sandy coast overlooking crystal clear waters, to the "Lido Lago" resort, where there are well-equipped bathing complexes able to offer every comfort and service, the marina of Battipaglia is able to satisfy every type of need.


Salerno and the Amalfi Coast are pure magic: it is the charm of ancient traditions, it is the wonderful coastline full of beaches, it is the cobalt blue of the sea that meets that of the sky, it is the intense scent of lemons, the green of the olive trees, the intensity of vineyards and flowering bougainvillea. Here small bays and inlets, uncontaminated coasts, cliffs and enchanting caves are the setting for picturesque villages clinging to the rock and caressed by the gentle sea breezes.

Along Amalfi Coast, visitors should not miss the several famous places. Salerno with its medieval castle guarding the city and Atrani squeezed between bold rocky peaks that impose on the picturesque bay below. Also not to missed are Ravello with its splendid ceramics, the imposing Duomo and Villa Rufolo, Minori with its Roman villa decorated with enchanting stuccos and frescoes , Praiano the ancient fishing village with its jagged coasts overlooking the sea and Amalfi, the most ancient maritime republic that from the mountains opens up to the sea. Finally Sorrento is perched on an imposing tuff base, immersed in the green of orange and lemon groves. In a landscape that is unique in the world, everyone can choose their ideal vacation between nature and silence, culture and relaxation, spa treatments and dream excursions.


The Amalfi coast between modernity and tradition

Mild climate all year round, Salerno is the ideal combination of tradition and modernity, sea and good food. The face of the city is constantly evolving, remodelling and reinventing itself with extraordinary works of contemporary architecture. From the futuristic maritime station, from the urban parks of the Mercatello to that of the Irno, to the Fruscione Palace and the convents of San Lorenzo and San Nicola della Palma. Not to be missed is the Arechi castle, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view, the Medieval aqueduct wrapped in an ancient legend, the wonderful Romanesque Cathedral and the Minerva Gardens, a magnificent botanical garden.

Salerno is also respect for traditions and love of the territory and its craftsmanship. Vietri sul Mare is world famous for its wonderful ceramics.


The Amalfi Coast of parks and natural oases.

Campania is a region rich in green areas where you can enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of nature. From parks, to Oases, to nature reserves, the area offers numerous special places for a trip out of town or a nature walk. In addition to the most famous areas, such as the Sele river park, the oasis of the Valle della Caccia with its famous waterfalls, or the WWF oasis of Persano a few km from Battipaglia, the path of the Valle delle Ferriere, a magical path which will lead you to the discovery of wonderful natural places that not everyone knows. And for the more adventurous, still in the area, the Castelcivita Caves, one of the largest speleological complexes in southern Italy.

The Amalfi coast of the jet set and fashion

Set in the mountain, with its pastel-coloured houses overlooking the clear sea, Positano welcomes visitors wrapping them in a magical atmosphere. Always the undisputed destination of international tourism, every year thousands of tourists choose it for the numerous beaches, those of Marina Grande, Fornillo, Arienzo and Fiumicello, for the equipped beaches and the exquisite hospitality of the inhabitants.

Not far from the Sorrento peninsula, the magnificent Li Galli archipelago or "Sirenuse" part of the marine protected area of ​​Punta Campanella, islets considered in ancient times to be the refuge of the sirens who enchanted Ulysses. Positano is also an ideal destination for high fashion enthusiasts. Colourful boutiques wind their way through the narrow alleys displaying the famous dresses and sarongs dyed with the blue of the crystalline sea, the yellow of the fragrant lemons, the green of the Mediterranean scrub and the red of fiery sun hugging the cliff. There are numerous artisan shops for handmade leather shoes on the spot, straw bags embellished with beads, rhinestones or hard stones, and the famous colourful costumes.

Furthermore, from Positano it is possible to reach the marvellous islands of Ischia and Procida by boat. Between gossip and great loves, Positano and the Amalfi Coast have always been confirmed as the undisputed destination of the international jet set: a ritual that is renewed year after year, with new faces, but with the same magical charm of the Amalfi summer.

A few kilometres from Salerno, Sorrento stands out, a terrace overlooking the sea, a jewel set between rocky walls and surrounded by fragrant citrus groves, a magical place to be explored by walking through the characteristic alleys of the historic centre, among lace shops and numerous shops. artisanal craftsmen who make delicious, custom-made handmade leather sandals or sipping a refreshing limoncello in the fiery sunset in the lively Piazza Tasso. And for a moonlit dinner, lulled by the lapping of the waves, the enchanting Marina Grande, a typical fishing village animated by picturesque restaurants and romantic clubs overlooking the sea.

Battipaglia enjoys a strategic position and is the ideal starting point for visiting the main tourist resorts of the Amalfi Coast. The activities that can be practiced are countless: from mountain excursions, to organized boat trips to visit the sea caves, to trekking along wonderful nature trails, to water sports such as snorkelling, windsurfing, canoeing and scuba diving.

If your ideal holiday is to relax under the rays of the sun, diving into a crystal-clear sea you will be able to appreciate the numerous beaches and bays creeping along the coast.

Furthermore, there will be opportunities to participate in festivals, food and wine festivals, musical and cultural events that animate the places and streets of this welcoming land. For art lovers, the Ravello Festival, a summer musical event that annually attracts internationally renowned musicians, the acclaimed Giffoni Film Festival which takes place in July in the town of the same name and the International Dance Award organized in Positano which sees the participation of authoritative and emerging figures in the field of dance. Also suggestive is the historic Amalfi regatta which revives the ancient rivalry between the four maritime republics. And if you can't resist shopping, indulge yourself in the original souvenir shops and the colourful Positano fashion boutiques.

And to conclude, the evocative "Luci d'Artista" festival, a highly anticipated and unmissable appointment for winter tourism in Salerno, with events ranging from gastronomy, cinema, concerts, lights and art exhibitions.


The province of Salerno covers a vast area, ranging from the most famous tourist centres on the sea, to the delightful ones in the hinterland. Therefore, choose accommodation based on your travel plans and your desires. If your ideal stay is by the sea, you will find quality hotel facilities in Salerno while if you love nightlife and the social life Amalfi and Positano are right for you.

And if you want peace and relaxation, move to the hinterland where well-equipped spas, farmhouses and delightful hotels will be a convenient starting point for trips to any location.

Culinary & Culture

The great variety of products and dishes offered by these lands reflects the passion, cheerfulness and hospitality of the locals. Tasty fish dishes such as the anchovies alla cilentana or the scialatielli from Amalfi; among dairy products, the famous "zizzona di Battipaglia" and caciocavallo Silano and to follow the delicious desserts made with Giffoni hazelnut. Extra virgin olive oil, limoncello and the full-bodied wines of such a generous land will never be missing on your tables.

Festivals, parties, and events dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of food and wine excellences will brighten your holidays making them unforgettable. And to find in the flavors the breathtaking sensation of the landscape, nothing better than the picturesque clubs and restaurants shining on the cliffs overlooking the sea.

Despite we know that all of these specialties would be very tempting, please do not forget to stick to your diet, having just small bites or sips of these succulent temptations!


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