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Zagreb - Historic capital of Croatia

Just across the Italian coast, Croatia is the perfect holiday destination for nature-seekers, sun-lovers and city-breakers with a long list of must-see places, beautiful beaches and inlet caves and several UNESCO World Heritage. Great festivals and buzzing nightlife will keep you entertained into the evenings, too.


With a history dating back to 1094, the capital city of Zagreb is full of historic landmarks, interesting sights, museums, hotels and restaurants which are among the best in the country. Visitors can discover the breath-taking architectural and natural beauty, many of which can be enjoyed for free. You should also enjoy the daily cafe culture, lush greenery and regular street festivals, getting to taste the local Mediterranean cultural life.

Our two NephroCare dialysis centres Poliklinika za hemodijalizu Sveti Duh II and Poliklinika IDC - PJ Zabok, being located centrally in and around the city of Zagreb, allow you to enjoy the freedom of enjoying your vacation whilst your regular treatments are being taken good care of.


With nearly 1000 years of historic background, Zagreb offers numerous sights, architectures and museums documenting the rich cultural heritage based on influences of Austrian and Hungarian territories paired with the Mediterranean- Adriatic characteristics. One of the most famous landmarks of Zagreb is the Cathedral of the assumption of blessed virgin mary, the largest sacral building in Neo-Gothic style southeast of the alps. Dating back to the origins of the city in 13th century, Saint Marks Church with its characteristic coloured tiled roof is another site not be me missed. The remains of the medieval town walls and fortifications can be visited at the Lotrščak tower and the eastern stone gate of Porta di Pietra, giving access to Zagreb's most important shrine. Even more historic details are displayed in the Zagreb city museum.


If you are keen to experience the pure cultural life of Zagreb a visit to Tkalčićeva Street is an absolute must do. The most famous and vibrating street of Zagreb is full of life with people enjoying the sun in the numerous cafes, bars and restaurants, shopping through the colourful boutiques and markets. 200 years ago Tkalčićeva street used to be a river called Medvescak ,which represented the historic borderline between Zagreb’s upper town Gornji Grad and the city centre Kaptol before it was transformed in late 19th century for roadworks.

You should continue your exploratory tour up the famous upper town where you will find a network of small and narrow streets full of historic and cultural flair, dating back to its origins in 11th century.


For your accommodation you can choose from different hotels in close vicinity of the city centre at every price level. Besides, there are several other options which could give you other advantages as well as being cheaper than a hotel. Lodgings range from Holiday Apartments to regular pensions and bed and breakfasts. The offer is broad, so you will surely find the quarters that meet your requirements.


Culinary & Culture

Stop by at famous Dolac, a fruit and vegetables market also known as the heart and soul of food loving Zagreb, located nearby the central square Ban-Jelačić. Here you have the chance to experience the authentic and unaltered taste of Zagreb’s culinary heritage. For dining in a more comfortable setting you can choose from one of the numerous restaurants across the city centre or Tkalčićeva street where you will find all different styles and price ranges of genuine Croatian cuisine according to your preferences and budget.

There are traditional dishes like meat and vegetable stews like Pašticada or Štrukli, a dough filled with delicious cottage cheese and sour crème, or sweet dishes like the many varieties of crème cakes called Kremšnita. However, we recommend you to remain as strict as possible with your diet and limiting the size of your portions to experience the tempting flavours.

For experiencing the culture of dance and music the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb is the perfect place to enjoy one of the regular performances of ballets, operas or dramas.


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