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Palermo and the "Land of the three Promontories"

Few places in the world can compete with Sicily, a land of incomparable beauty and cultural wealth, a crossroads of ancient civilizations. Mild climate all year round, beaches among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, pristine seabed, paradise for divers and naturalists, active volcanoes including Stromboli and Vulcano, fertile territory dotted with olive trees, vineyards, lush citrus groves of the Conca D'Oro and fascinating cities with a baroque face make Sicily one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Itineraries of great landscape interest await hikers of all abilities and ages: from the salt marshes of Marsala and Trapani, to the fortified citadel of Erice, from San Vito Lo Capo, land of tuna, to Palermo nestled on a large inlet at the foot of Mount Pellegrino.

From the Zingaro Nature Reserve, to the golden beaches of Cefalù with the imposing Norman cathedral up to penetrate the hinterland of the Madonie Park reaching the territory of Catania. Finally, visitors can reach up to the slopes of Etna and take the path that leads to Taormina, pearl perched in the splendid bay of the Bay of Naxos, from which the Archaeological Park extends to the slopes of the Nebrodi with the wonderful Greek Theater still the stage for numerous concerts and cultural activities.

Our NephroCare-ADTR dialysis unit is looking forward to welcoming the travelling HD patients during all the year round: we believe that patients today have the right to the best possible quality of life: by leading an existence as close to the norm, even fully enjoying the possibility of dialyzing safely on vacation.

Our center is located in a quiet residential neighborhood, about 3 km from the historic center, and is conveniently served by public transport: about 100 meters from the clinic there is a taxi rank and a bus stop; the Palermo Francia metro station is about 900 meters away.

Mondello's beaches, also easily accessible by public transport, are located about 5 km from the city. The center offers two dialysis shifts, one at 6:30 am and one at 12:30 pm, every day from Monday to Saturday.

Activities & Sights

Arab-Norman Palermo

Soul of the city, the two civilizations, the Arab and Norman, have long confronted each other, fought, succeeded and finally merged harmoniously giving rise to architectural works of extraordinary beauty. The Arab civilization applied skill and imagination in the decorative style evident especially in the numerous mosques, in the buildings inside which marvelous gardens stand out, in the introduction of majolica, paintings and mosaics with intricate geometric designs, in the superb carved ceilings and in the precious stuccos; subsequently the Normans architecturally revisited the city by modelling its buildings with Romanesque forms and inserting Greek-Byzantine cloisters and mosaics reaching a varied but extraordinarily balanced style.


Examples of this merger are the Cathedral of Cefalù, the Palatine Chapel of Palermo housed in the imposing Norman Palace, the wonderful Cathedral of Monreale, a UNESCO heritage site with the large mosaic of Christ the Pancreator in the apse and the adjacent Monastery of San Benedetto.

In Palermo further beautiful mosaics can be admired inside the Martorana, a superb 22nd century church and in the Arab domes of San Cataldo which conceal a precious Norman floor mosaic. In the Basilica of the Holy Virgin Mary Assumption to visit the floor sundial and the monumental chapel with the relics of Santa Rosalia. The gigantic medieval Cathedral which houses the remains of Frederick II of Swabia is worth a visit. The journey to discover Arab and Norman Palermo continues in Kalsa, once a fortified citadel where the Emir lived, today a central popular district where you can still breathe an oriental atmosphere.

Palermo of museums and art galleries

Palermo is an open-air museum where evidence of its past lives on in its art galleries. To visit: Regional Archaeological Museum of Palermo, Palazzo Branciforte Museum and the Castello della Zisa Museum, whose rooms house the Arab Art Museum. For art lovers, the Gallery of Modern Art (GAM) with more than two hundred works including paintings and sculptures, of Italy between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, is a must. Also worth a visit is the new pier of the port of Palermo, the Arsenale of the Spanish Royal Marina, a space dedicated to the visceral relationship of the city with its sea and , of an enormous historical value, the Punic Necropolis, an archaeological space where the hypogeic chamber tombs, sarcophagi, cinerary depositions, ancient kits and Phoenician finds are kept.

Palermo and Sicily's natural reserves

Sicily, with over a thousand kilometers of coastline that already smells of Africa and a bathing season that starts in April and ends in October, is the ideal destination for lovers of the sea and nature.

The Zingaro Nature Reserve, near the enchanting San Vito Lo Capo is a true natural paradise of several beaches and bays, worth a visit. Unforgettable excursions are organized to the Tonnarella dell'Uzzo, Cala Marinella, Cala Beretta, Cala della Disa, Cala del Varo or Grotta della Mustia. Along the routes it is also possible to rest and stay overnight in characteristic refuges and visit small naturalistic museums capable of introducing tourists to rural life and maritime activities. The Cape Gallo Nature Reserve comprises a selection of breathtaking bays and caves like Grotta Regina, Grotta Perciata and the most spectacular from naturalistic point of view: Grotta Malpasso

Egadi and Ustica: The islands of the island

Not far from the north-western coast of Sicily, Favignana, the main island of the Egadi archipelago, rises like a butterfly lying on the sea, together with Marettimo and Levanzo. Wild and harsh nature, clear and transparent waters, and millenary traditions once linked to its famous tuna traps and to the Florio family, to whom we owe the method of preserving canned tuna in oil.

An appointment not to be missed is the region of Secca del Toro and Galeotta, which is famous fine sandy beaches such as Cala Azzurra, Cala Rossa, Lido Burrone and the Calamoni, the suggestive coves of Punta Lunga and Punta Sottile.

The small islands off Trapani are different but equally special: Levanzo, white limestone rocks, beautiful caves to explore and picturesque white houses overlooking the marina. Finally, easily reachable by hydrofoil from Palermo, Ustica, the "black pearl", is a magnificent volcanic island once a refuge for Saracen pirates and subsequently a place of confinement, with its lava rocks and rich backdrops, a protected marine reserve where dolphins swim undisturbed.

Palermo and the Seaside

Long beaches of velvet sand, coves and ravines, rocky promontories overlooking the sea, the Palermo coast offers an infinite variety of scenarios capable of satisfying every type of need.

The bay of Mondello, enclosed between Monte Gallo and Monte Pellegrino, is today rightly considered one of the most famous seaside resorts in the Sicilian capital. It comprises turquoise waters and beaches equipped for families with children as well as the ancient bathhouse of the early twentieth century built in stilts on the sea, where sports, music, and culture events take place.

It is also perfect for a refreshing dip in emerald waters with the Sferracavallo coral reef being visible, famous for its beaches and the old fishing village dotted with characteristic restaurants with breath-taking views of Baia Corallo and Punta Barcarello.

More golden beaches with perfectly equipped establishments are located in Cefalù, a few kilometres from Palermo, elected one of the most beautiful villages in Italy with an UNESCO heritage: Two massive bell towers dominate the characteristic historic centre on which the immense bulk of the Rocca imposes.


Palermo, between popular traditions, ancient culture and folklore

The historic markets are magical places symbol of interaction and cultural integration. Ballarò and Vucciria are the oldest markets with numerous street food stalls where you can enjoy all sorts of delicacies among the flavours, scents and noises of a multi-ethnic and suggestive Palermo.

Over the centuries, Palermo has preserved millenary popular traditions that have their roots in a multi-ethnic culture: historical re-enactments, rituals of ancient Byzantine inspiration, festivals for the promotion of food and wine excellences and religious events constitute a true historical and cultural heritage that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Another magnificent product resulting from a thousand-year-old culture is the "Puppet Theater", a symbol of traditional Sicilian art and protected by UNESCO as an intangible oral heritage of Humanity.

Easily accessible from Palermo and a must for naturalists from all over the world are the salt pans of Trapani and Marsala, which are a paradise for many species of herons and pink flamingos. Finally, behind Trapani, wrapped in a medieval atmosphere lies the ancient fortified city of Erice with its cobbled streets, the delightful courtyards and the mighty city wall from which the watchtowers stand. Shrouded in the silence and coolness of the wonderful pine forests that surround it, Erice is a privileged destination for tourists from all over the world thanks to its precious local craftsmanship.


Sicily, a welcoming and hospitable land

Countless farmhouses with a unique and special charm, among expanses of vineyards and olive groves, fragrant almond and citrus fruit, where you can savour the tasty cuisine of Sicilian tradition. Equally appreciated, the delightful holiday homes for rent in the main tourist resorts as well as the numerous accommodations in tourist villages perfectly equipped to guarantee a holiday by the sea, sport and fun. The choice of charming family-run hotels, a few simple and tastefully furnished rooms, is almost limitless, allowing you to enjoy a holiday at an affordable price without sacrificing an intimate and welcoming atmosphere pampered by the famous Sicilian hospitality. There is no shortage of unique and sophisticated places aimed at the most demanding tourism such as Eco Resorts, Wellness Centres and Five-Star Hotels set in wonderful contexts or like luxury homes built in ancient guesthouses and bagli with unique and special charm equipped with wonderful pools set in the green Mediterranean scrub.

Culinary & Culture

Palermo capital of "street food"

Sicilian gastronomy, the perfect combination of numerous historical and geographic influences and dishes from distant lands, makes use of natural ingredients of excellent quality, fruit of the abundance of an extraordinarily fertile land bathed by fish.

In Palermo the day begins with the classic coffee granita with cream in which to soak the "brioscia col tuppo", a very soft leavened dough flavoured with citrus and vanilla. There are many delicacies with a sweet and sour taste such as "pasta with sardines or with sea urchins", "caponata", "cassata", marzipan with which the masterpieces of the Martorana fruit are made, and the famous cannoli filled with ricotta.

Sicilian cuisine is tasty, delicious, faithful to the peasant tradition and respect for the territory. Rich dishes cooked with local fish, anchovies, tuna, bottarga and swordfish accompanied by delicious sides like fennel, juicy red oranges, tropea onions and watered from fragrant virgin olive oil, superb cheeses including ricotta, caciocavallo and pecorino.

All this is often complemented with rich pasta and vegetable first courses such as "pasta alla Norma" whose taste is enhanced by capers and garlic. Legumes, chickpeas, lentils, pistachios and sweet almonds are often the ingredients of robust snacks of the ancient Palermitan tradition of "street food", including the famous "arancine", a delight of rice of Arab origin, "bread and panelle", "Pani cunzatu", the "sfinciuni",  or the "stigghiole".

A perfect snack on hot summer days is the unique and inimitable "Sicilian granita", creamy with black mulberry, mandarin, almonds or Bronte pistachio, chocolate and coffee.

Despite we know all of these specialties would be very tempting, please do not forget to stick to your diet, having just small bites or sips of these succulent temptations!


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