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Liverpool, the underestimated gem

“Liverpool is one of the wonders of Britain,” 17th-century author Daniel Defoe is cited. In case you think of Liverpool as a rather dull port and workers city, then it is time for a visit to remedy this impression. Unnoticed by many, Liverpool has transformed into a colourful culture and shopping metropolis. Its zest for life is felt everywhere in this city, balancing tradition and modernity.

Thanks to its vast array of charming, diversified attractions, Liverpool is one of the most visited cities in the United Kingdom. One factor among many others is the city’s most renowned sons, The Beatles, who have clearly left their mark, of course. The same should be said about soccer and Liverpool FC. The city on the Mersey river’s estuary will not cease to surprise you with its many faces and its talent for celebrating life. Is it serendipitous that six NephroCare clinics in the Liverpool area can take your holiday dialysis appointments? To say the least, they make it much easier for you to get to know this amazing city.

Activities & Sights

So much to see

Liverpool Cathedral is the largest religious building in Britain and the fifth-largest cathedral in the world. Inside, you find the world’s highest and most sweeping Gothic arches, the United Kingdom’s largest organ and stunning stained-glass windows. And wait to hear the bells ringing as they are the highest worldwide. The climb up to the tower is worth your while, too. From its top, you will have the city and its appealing sights at your feet.

Take your time touring the most impressive Pier Head setting with its World Heritage sites on the waterfront. Look up to the two clock towers. On top sits the Liver Bird, Liverpool’s symbol. The Mersey ferry leaves from Pier Head for its very worthwhile cruise across the Mersey river mouth with gorgeous city views.

The World Museum is one of Liverpool’s most prominent museums and said to be one of the country’s best. Specialising in sciences and human cultures, with a planetarium, aquarium and various space exhibitions on rotation, you can learn incredibly much about the world’s different people.

As a port, Liverpool has excellent access to some of Britain’s natural coastline. A little way out of the city lies Crosby Beach. This stretch of sandy beach, looking out onto the Irish Sea, is beautiful at any time of day and especially during sunset. A walking trail and several official cycle paths along the coast also start here.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Nowhere in the world is there such veneration of The Beatles as in Liverpool. It is where the four members of the most successful band in music history grew up and got their roots. No wonder there are museums and memorial places throughout the city where you can retrace their steps. In the walk-through journey of The Beatles Story you will not only learn all you ever wanted to know about the “Fab Four”, you will also get a taste of the swinging ’60s while doing it. The more recent Magical Beatles Museum offers an audiovisual rendering of their story. The well-known Strawberry Field with its famous red iron bars has been turned into an interactive museum. As a little boy, John Lennon played on the premises, later turning the memories into the popular song. Outside the city centre, the childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney are open to visitors. The buses of the Magical Mystery Tour drive to the best-known venues every day.

Day trips of dreaming and relaxation

Nearly 50 parks, gardens and country estates in and around Liverpool cover more than 25 km² of green premises. Many of the parks offer grounds to just lean back, breathe deeply and let your spirits flow. The manor estates are open to the public and make beautiful destinations for a day tripstrolling across the greens. Sefton Park, in the city’s South, immensely popular among the locals, was created by a Liverpudian architect and a Parisian garden designer. Spread over almost 250 acres, this elegant park with caves and waterfalls offers an abundance of luxuriant green space. It harbours the Victorian Palm House with Liverpool’s fabulous botanical gardens. Dwelling on the estate feels like being on another continent altogether.

One of the most popular destinations is Seke Hall in the southern part of the city. At the centre of the vast gardens lies a Tudor manor house with richly decorated framework, built in 1530. Some rooms are still furnished as was customary back then, others are fitted in the Victorian style. All the delightful estates are unique destinations to enjoy nature’s peace and pleasures while getting to know the British art of garden culture.  

The beaches along the coast are sandy with windswept dunes and dramatic views. Formby Coast is ideal for hiking excursions through the beautiful natural landscapes that accommodate a variety of wildlife.


In a city like Liverpool, you will have no problem at all to book lodgings to your liking. More than 7,000 beds in more than a hundred hotels, boarding houses, youth hostels and bed and breakfasts in the city centre and the outskirts are waiting for visitors. Especially on the weekends, the rooms are used to capacity, which also reflects in the prices. To have a choice, it is a good idea to book your accommodation well in advance.

The same applies to registering for your holiday dialysis. The six NephroCare centres in and around Liverpool cover a large area. They can all be combined with beautiful outings. A visit to the region merits being well prepared.

Culinary & Culture

Magical Mystery Tour

Liverpool offers a lively array of art and culture. The music scene in one of Britain’s leading music cities is varied, while a lot of it still has to do with The Beatles. The Cavern Club is infamous in the music scene as the home of The Beatles during their early days when they performed here nearly 300 times in two years. Since then, the club has hosted giants such as The Rolling Stones, Queen, Elton John, Oasis and many more.

International Beatleweek celebrates the most famous band in the world in the city where it was born – attracting thousands of Fab Four fans and dozens of bands to Liverpool each year. It takes place around the last weekend in August and goes back to 1977 when Liverpool’s first Beatles Convention was held.

Fine dining and burger joints lead a friendly co-existence in this city. The burger scene is quite competitive. The Double French Onion Burger brings France’s flavours to the palate while Big Boy is piled high like a skyscraper. Some dishes are known for their quirky composition. And there is scouse.

The people of Liverpool are known as Liverpudians, but also as “Scousers.” The nickname comes from the city's passion for scouse, a meat and vegetable stew served with bread to mop up the juices. Scouse is a hearty meal based on a Norwegian dish called lapskaus. The Viking influence on the city is also visible in some districts’ names.

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